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To: Prime Minister Trudeau

Make Bret Hart the new Governor General

Make Bret Hart the new Governor General

Make Bret Hart the new Governor General

Why is this important?

The role of Governor General is purely ceremonial. If we are to maintain the role, it must go to a Canadian icon who is universally loved and able to deliver on the pomp and pageantry of the job.

That icon is Bret Hart.

Bret Hart is a legendary showman and philanthropist, possibly the most famous Canadian of all time. He is an inspiration not just for his accomplishments but also for his loving and caring approach to life. He has never once forced anyone to calculate the distance between the sun and moon and indeed, like most Canadians, may have no idea how far apart the two are.

Bret Hart can unify our nation as he once united with John Cena to take on Edge and Chris Jericho.

He is the best choice there is, the best choice there was, and the best choice there will ever be for the role of Governor General.

PM Trudeau, make amends and make history at the same time - appoint Bret Hart as Governor General of Canada.


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