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Line 9 Pledge of Resistance

Line 9 Pledge of Resistance

Please join us in signing the Line 9 Pledge of Resistance!

“I pledge to support and/or engage in civil disobedience that may result in arrest in order to stop construction on Line 9”.

Why is this important?

On March 6, 2014, the National Energy Board (NEB) made the reckless and unjust decision to approve Enbridge’s Line 9 reversal project and allow for the transportation of tar sands oil through Ontario and Quebec. But we know that this pipeline threatens our communities, waterways, agricultural lands, and all ecosystems in its path. Moreover, we know that there has been no consent from First Nations along the route of Line 9, making the project illegal under Canada’s own laws. This is part of a broader struggle against tar sands, fracking, and other forms of dirty energy. If the NEB won’t stop this destructive project, we will.

*an initiative of Rising Tide Toronto

Reasons for signing

  • Major spill of this line could be deadly. Many deaths associated with this toxic oil mix have allready happened in Michigan. All out war against enbridge and anyone employed with corp sounds like only way to stop these lunitics. They spill oil in our waterways and poison our kids they should pay with there blood.
  • Our governments are not taking care of the health, welfare or safety of all of its citizens in a justice, equitable, fair and compassionate way particularly in regard to climate and the mining and fossil fuel extraction industries and particularly in regard to the front line communities, indigenous peoples, the poor, working poor, the suffering.


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