To: Justin Tredeau

Let PSW's Apply for EI or the CERB Program

This campaign has ended.

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

My aim in writing to you today is to ask you to let Personal Support Workers (PSW's) apply for EI or CERB if their hours get cut as a result of COVID-19. As you know PSW's are also front line workers who are putting their lives at risk so that people with disabilities and seniors are taken care of. I realize that normally a person that is working would not be able to apply for EI or the CERB Program, but these are extraordinary times; these people rent and mortgages to pay plus other everyday bills and they will not be able to pay them with greatly reduced hours. Please review the guidelines of each program and allow PSW's to apply. Thank you!

Why is this important?

This is an important issue because these front line workers are putting their lives to take care of people with disabilities and seniors and deserve social and economic justice.