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To: Ron Gagnon, CEO, Grand River Hospital; Mark Fam, President, St. Mary's General Hospital

KW Hospital CEOs: Speak Out Against Privatized Surgery

The Ford government's plans to privatize 50% of surgical procedures in Ontario were developed in collusion with private corporations that will put their own profit ahead of the people's health. We urge the CEOs of Kitchener-Waterloo's two general hospitals to speak out against these plans and press the government to fully fund not-for-profit alternatives.

Why is this important?

Privatized health care means people who can pay get better service than people who can't. Private cataract-clinics, for example, offer a better choice of lenses and far shorter wait times to the lucky Ontarians who can afford them. Instead of padding the profits of their corporate buddies, the Ontario government, the OMA and the OHA should recommit themselves to the best possible fully funded public health care for all.

Kitchener, ON, Canada

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