To: Government of Canada

Kpmg wining and dining CRA accountants,

Prime Minister Tredeau, Minster of Revenue
It has come to my attention that KPMG has been wining and dining CRA accountants during the time a deal was cut with KPMG regarding tax avoidance scandal.. While ordinary canadains are required and prosecuted for this they get off without penalty. I want the government to investigate what the Harper appointed CRA CEO, Andrew Treusch Knew and if he did not know why this was happening. and have him removed as CEO of the CRA. I would also like the government to revise the apropiate legislation to close tax loophole that favor the rich.

Why is this important?

Taxes provide for important services, like Health, Education, Social Services, and providing an equal footing for First Nations communities as well as the enviroment. Please support this Petition.