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To: Kellie Leitch

Kellie Leitch, stop using intolerance and racism for political gain

Step down from the CPC leadership race and stop using intolerance and racism for political gain

Why is this important?

What are Canadian values and who defines them?

Are we a country where everyone has to think and act the same, or are we a country where we accept tolerance and difference? Are we a country that takes it's strength from division or from diversity?

Kellie Leitch is now using intolerance and racism to make political gain in her bid to become the next leader of the Conservative Party. She's asking her supporters whether immigrants should be screened for anti-Canadia values -- I would like her to answer, which "Canadian values" are these?

Canada was built by immigrants coming from diverse places ranging from England, to Ethiopia to Indonesia. It's home to all kinds of cultures, values and religions. And let's not forget that it's also built on a legacy of colonialism that stripped First Nations of their land, communities and culture. There is no such thing as 'Canadian values' that are universal to all.

People like me, a self-identified socialist from Latin America will have inherently different values from an oil executive in Calgary. Does that make me any more or less Canadian than the oil executive?

If she's ever in power, which values will Kellie Leitch uphold? Will immigrants have to give up fights for indigenous rights? Will people like me have to give up my opposition to Canada's fossil fuel industry? Will Palestinians have to give up their struggle for a free Palestine? Will we be forced to support Canada's colonial legacy? Will immigrants be forced to dress a certain way?

The moment we start accepting or rejecting immigrants based on their values, is the moment we've lost the Canadian dream. Canada will stop being a place where people can come find safety and acceptance, and instead be a place where their culture and values will be constantly at odds with others.

This kind of campaigning on racism and intolerance does nothing but divide our country, create fear and, ultimately, make us all less safe.

Join me in calling on Kellie Leitch to step down from the CPC leadership race and commit to stop using racism and intolerance for political gain.

How it will be delivered

If I can get 10,000 signatures, this petition will be hand-delivered at her leadership campaign office.



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