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To: Premier Doug Ford and Minster of Education Stephen Lecce

Keep Ontario Schools Safe

We are a group of students calling on Premier Doug Ford and Minister of Education Stephen Lecce to create a safer, better funded plan to protect students and faculty returning to school this fall amidst the pandemic.

Why is this important?

The plan put forth by Minister of Education Stephen Lecce and Premier Doug Ford to reopen schools this fall amidst the pandemic is not enough. The underfunded plan leaves everyone in the dark as to how schools will be run, and limits the resources to keep students safe. Elementary schools, in particular, have very little in terms of actual safety measures, with overcrowded classrooms preventing social distancing and masks being non-mandatory for grades three and below.

Many faculty are already at a greater risk of infection, especially in a cramped environment such as a classroom. Children are also known to be asymptomatic, which will make doing symptom checks extremely difficult, making it that much harder to detect and control outbreaks if they occur.

The government has made promises such as adding 900 new custodians and 500 nurses. But, for nearly 5,000 schools across Ontario, this is not nearly enough. There have also been promises for new HVAC systems, but there is little time to install them before the beginning of the school year.

Please sign this petition if you feel students and faculty deserve to be protected at school, and that Lecce and Ford should rethink their current reopening plan, so we can go back to school with confidence that we, our families and our teachers will be safe.



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