To: Galen Weston Jr.

Essentially Underpaid #22for22

Essentially Underpaid #22for22

Implement a living wage ($22) for Loblaws employees.

Why is this important?

The cost of living keeps rising and for low-wage workers, paying basic needs continues to be a struggle. Specifically during the pandemic, essential workers got us through it but they continue to be underpaid. Loblaws has the capacity to pay its workers a living wage and Galen Weston Jr should be ashamed that he refuses to pay his workers a wage that would allow them to afford the basic needs that their current pay cannot cover.

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver the petition to the Loblaws Corporate Office at 1 President's Choice Circle, Brampton. We are using a Creative Petition Delivery tactic and will be delivering the petitions rolled as toilet paper rolls because during the height of the pandemic, toilet paper was considered more important to Loblaws than their workers. There was a greater outrage about the scarcity of toilet paper than essential workers being severely underpaid for work that put them at risk during the pandemic.