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To: Attorney General of Canada, Alberta Solicitor General, Corrections Canada, The AFN and the First Nations Minister of Canada

Justice for Indigenous brothers

Justice for Indigenous brothers

Release Jesse Cabry as he was wrongfully accused and arrested. Investigate the death of his younger brother Late Erik Cabry, also wrongfully accused,arrested and died in custody due to lack of proper medical care. Investigate the whole process and arrest of these two boys, how the RCMP kicked in the door to their home on the reserve, made everyone leave the premises, claim the house was under investigation for murder when no murder took place.. the warrant was issued 12 hours after the house was illegally entered and the boys were arrested.

Why is this important?

Canada claims there is no systemic racism and this is proof that it is alive and well in Canada. The whole world pulled together in support of black lives matter, well Indigenous lives matter. This never should have happened.. these boys should not have been arrested and Erik should not have died. This needs to be addressed and dealt with properly as the people given authority by the federal government need to be investigated and held accountable.



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