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To: Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez - [email protected]

Jobs and Cultural Identity at Risk-Bill C-11 amendment 3.1.f

Demand Bill C-11 require foreign streamers producing content in our country to hire the 'maximum' and 'predominant' amount of Canadians for their content production (just like Canadian Networks are required to do). This is addressed in amendment C.1.f.

Why is this important?

Why it's important? Jobs, Culture, Foreign entities benefiting from our tax dollars.

We must act NOW: The Senate is currently reviewing Bill C-11 and as early as tomorrow they will be debating amendment C.1.f. What is concerning about this amendment is that it will create a two tier system of Canadian content requiring the Canadian broadcasters to make content as they always have using a “maximum” and “predominant” use of Canadians while requiring the foreign streamers to only use the “greatest practicable” amount of Canadians when making Canadian content. The unions have been fighting this for weeks and continue to fight against the clause today but no progress has been made.

As we all know from the studios’ well-established practices in the Canadian production service industry their idea of a “practicable” standard for hiring Canadians in key creative positions has been to not hire them at all. The overwhelming majority of the thousands of director, writer, actor, key creative and producer jobs have gone to permitted foreigners. One can only assume the Liberal government is either willing to commit to the loss of Canadian jobs in creative leadership to foreigners, or that they are too heavily influenced by the foreign media companies to act.


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