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To: Minister of Industry Francois-Philippe Champagne

It's Time For Public Internet

Break the duopoly by creating a new crown corporation tasked with delivering high-speed, affordable internet to all in Canada

Why is this important?

The breakdown of Rogers on July 8th exposed just how fragile Canada's internet infrastructure is. Across the country commerce crashed as stores could not process credit cards, email transfers could not be delivered, even 911 service was lost in some places.

It's clear that cell and internet services are essential for us to work, pay for food, and make important calls. But for years, the Big 3 telecoms companies have been buying up the competition, expanding their profits while we’re stuck paying for poor services and sky-high wireless plans. And last year, the Shaw-Rogers merger gave Rogers even more control over our telecoms services

It’s time to bust the monopoly on the telecoms sector. Canada must move to deliver public, reliable, high-speed, and affordable internet access to all.



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