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To: Dear; Patty Hajdu, Prime Minister, and Christine Elliott

Hold Dr,'s and Hospitals Responsible for PREVENTABLE MEDICAL ERRORS

Hold Dr,'s and Hospitals Responsible for PREVENTABLE MEDICAL ERRORS

Dear Prime Minister, Ms. Patty Hajdu and Ms. Christine Elliott,
Even the W.H.O is appalled by the fact that the 3rd leading cause of Death is from Preventable Medical Error. It doesn't mention the number of us that actually live with the the injuries. There is NO accountability or support for the Victims, aside from provincial Disabilities Programs. They do not cover what we need.

Why is this important?

The CPSO made a decision of no neglect without the Operative Report, also the Dr. that did this to me was on the Board. Only to find out we have to hire a Lawyer just to find out what happened, fact is our tax $$ pay for the Dr.'s Medical Malpractice Insurance yet the numbers do not add up. Especially when you see a Patient dying every 17 minutes from a PREVENTABLE MEDICAL ERROR . At Least offer to pay for their funeral or transportation costs to send their dead bodies home. Perhaps a , I'M sorry would be nice. But it continues to happen, our Government "turns a blind eye". Let's start with accountability, make it Dr.s and nurses can be honest , open when an error happens, no recourse or discipline for those who come forward. It helps them and would make those who keep making these errors think twice. So they treat us as a person not a pay check, not an acceptable loss. Imagine the amount of money here in Canada at least, could save. Maybe put back into programs that have been cut. Just a thought.

How it will be delivered

In person, with many Friends, I'm hoping.


Reasons for signing

  • Because they put the patients last ..and don’t inform about putting in harmful implants
  • Accountability
  • I broke my ankle after a nurse left me alone in a shower after spinal surgery.


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According to the Canadian Government,life is worth less than $350 k.That's the cap on your life,who gets that money anyway? I'm just asking for a bed and somewhere to soak my broken body but the Dr. that did this refuses to help in anyway, well that would be admitting you did something wrong. Guess what Dr. YOU DID. We both know what you did, morals mean more to me than money.Dr. Just how many lives have you ruined or worse, taken? I'm so close to just showing everyone your picture and sharing my medical file. I know who was there that day and why you choose not I to call my family. I'm hoping that this petition will protect our children from Dr.s like you. Thankfully, most Dr.s are not like you. I'm hoping that the Law changes and people can come forward when mistakes do happen , without fear of reprisal.That's the only way to stop this. Nurses & Dr.'s, come forward If you're retired,why not? Save a life in the future. Let's do this.

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