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To: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Help victims of the Turkish-Syrian Earthquake

We write to Mr. Prime Minister with utmost urgency requesting for the continuity of his and the Canadian government Support to war-ravaged areas in Syria specifically the regions affected by the earthquake. The Syrians in those areas are let down and left alone with little international support. We also ask you to consider a special program for the resettlement of people at risk from the quake that struck on February 7th. The quake has claimed the lives of more than 4400 Syrians, and the injuries exceeded 8500, while numbers are likely to rise.
The destruction is widespread, with thousands of buildings were devastated partially or completely.

Why is this important?

Northwest Syria is a home for over 4.5 million people, most of whom have been displaced multiple times due to the relentless bombing campaign led by the Syrian Assad regime backed by Russian air forces. The infrastructure there was already weak, with 47% of health facilities out of service, and now, after the earthquake the situation is dire. Even The Syrians refugees in Turkey were affected by the quake and left with nothing, no shelters, no jobs, no income of any resource. Their children are out of schools and left alone in the middle of foggy and uncertainty about their future.
I need your votes to support the Syrian people request that the Canadian Government take the following actions:
- Resettle as much as possible number of Syrians who are currently struggling in northwest Syria or the refugees in Turkey and ensure fast processing of their applications.
Your support will save lives, and every minute counts. I am counting on you, good hearts, to show the Syrian people that they are not alone and not let down and that the whole Canadians stand for them.


2023-02-18 18:11:49 -0500

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