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To: Prime Minister; Premiers of each Province and Territory

Hazard Pay for all underpaid Essential Workers in Canada

We're asking for a $4 raise per hour during this pandemic for all essential workers that make less than $49 999.

Practical nurses, grocery store workers, cleaners, personal care aides/support workers, delivery workers, maintenance staff, restaurant staff and others fall under this category.

Why is this important?

Many people are making $11.30- $27 an hour to risk their safety, and/or endanger their vulnerable housemates. This is grotesquely unacceptable.

Personal care workers across Canada make $11-15 an hour work in close contact with vulnerable and sick people all day.

As an RPN/LPN in Ontario, I can make $22 an hour being a nurse in my town. Is that enough to put me and my elderly parents that I live with the highest risk situation our country has seen in years?

Meanwhile white collar workers are relying on us all to provide them with food, groceries, clean long-term care homes, and healthcare, while they get to remain in the safety of their nice condos and houses that they own.

COVID-19 has made many more poor people risk their safety than wealthier ones, and in a rich and developed nation, that is shameful.

Please sign this and share widely,

- a fellow concerned citizen


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