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To: Loblaw Companies Ltd

Loblaws: Pay your workers a living wage

Pay employees at all of your stores across Canada a living wage.

Why is this important?

Loblaw Companies Ltd owns hundreds of grocery stores across the country: their stores include Loblaws Market, Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, Shoppers Drugmart, Loblaws Market, Joe Fresh and more.

Last year Loblaws enjoyed $11 Billion in revenue and gave $19 Million to their shareholders in the last quarter alone. [1] In 2016 CEO Galen Weston took home $7.5 Million. [2] It takes Galen Weston just one day to earn the annual salary of a starting cashier at one if his stores, while the the people who work for Loblaws are struggling to make ends meet making minimum wage, and are often only given part time work. [3]

Vancity Investment Management Ltd. submitted a shareholder proposal at Loblaw’s annual general meeting of shareholders on Thursday asking them to review the feasibility, cost and benefits of implementing a living wage policy for their employees -- but CEO Galen Weston and Loblaw’s board of directors told shareholders to vote against it and the proposal was rejected. [4]

Loblaws touts their high level of social responsibility with their President's Choice Children's Charity that gives "support to children with disabilities [and ensures] hungry tummies are filled with nutritious food" but their own employees' children are suffering. [5] Loblaws should be a leader. Canadians should not stand for this and protest with their dollars until they turn their greedy ship around.

Sign the petition now if you think Loblaws should pay the people who work for them a living wage.




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