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To: people of Ontario


Have you had enough?
Doug Ford is a threat to our environment, the elderly in Ontario, and most importantly, our democracy!
* Bill 37, which paves the way for billions of public dollars to be funneled to for-profit long term care facilities for another entire generation, rushed through just before Christmas. Will Doug's buddies with private LTC facilities receive this bonanza of your and my tax dollars? You bet!
* Minister's Zoning Orders (MZOs), used to push through development without consultation and seldom used pre-Ford. Dozens to date - many of which aid and abet Ford's developer buddies! Only our indigenous population can employ legal means to fight back against the lack of consultation with affected communities!
* The skewering of conservation authorities set up to protect water and the environment, so that there are no effective protections in place - open season for developers!
*Billions that should be spent on extending public transit options and reducing our carbon emissions to be spent on highways that will destroy wetlands, farmland and forests, along routes that will benefit, once again, Ford's developer buddies.
There's way more to this list and much to be done. Please start by signing this petition calling for Premier Ford to resign or be removed; and share it with your friends before the upcoming provincial election.

Why is this important?

Doing nothing is not an option when you see one individual undermining how democracy should work. Through Minister's Zoning Orders and furtive changes to existing legislation, Premier Ford has by-passed the usual process of debate in the House, consultation with affected communities and clarification of intention, with motives that are clearly suspect. The people of the Province of Ontario deserve principled, competent leadership in accordance with our democratic system and norms.


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