To: Calgarians

Frequent, reliable, and effective Calgary transit.

Please, let us get together and use public transit more. Please also let us complain and request significantly better service, more routes, and more bus stops.

Why is this important?

To whom and all it may concern,

There are many many reasons to go ahead with the Green Line and to have more bus routes, stops, and buses running more frequently.

If you don’t have a car getting from point A to point B takes an enormous about of time, almost all day, and a lot of energy. Moreover, a more rapid way to get around leans to a reduction in violent crimes – less of an opportunity, and, likely, for the same reason, less sexual assaults committed by strangers. Furthermore, a greater, more efficient public transit system will hopefully inspire people to use their cars less. If this happens it will likely lead to a significant decrease in Greenhouse emissions, which helps the environment, and less traffic accidents, which would significantly decrease health care energy and costs related to car accidents.

If those are not good enough arguments here are more... A more efficient, rapid, transit system gives many students more time to study, and thus increases the potential these students have to succeed. It gives more time for families to be together, it helps to enable people to get more done, it may even help many people not only get more done but significantly be more productive and work more conscientiously overall because people can get home earlier and therefore sleep more. As far as work in concerned, finally, it helps many people have more time to work at their job as it has the potential, for many people, to lower the frequency people arrive to work late.

I’m sure there are more reasons but at the moment these are all I can come up with, and don’t think they are bad reasons.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

May all of you stay safe and well,

Michaelle Tuz-Atkinson