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To: Dr. Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix Health Minister, Premier John Horgan

Free and Universal Access to At-home Rapid Covid-19 Tests in BC Now

Promptly provide free, universal access to at-home rapid COVID-19 tests, so we can act to protect ourselves and our communities during and after the holiday season.

Why is this important?

Millions of people across BC have stepped up and done their civic duty to protect themselves and their communities by wearing masks, limiting social interactions and getting vaccinated. It's unacceptable that the BC government will not roll out rapid testing before the holidays, especially with reinfections from Omicron on the rise. Rapid testing is a critical tool that would enable us all to continue to protect one another.

In addition to universal vaccination and masking in public spaces, it is necessary that every BC resident have immediate access to free at-home rapid tests, as is the case in other provinces. Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario and Alberta have already taken decisive steps to provide free access to rapid testing to the public in time for the holiday season. [2]

Imagine, before going to visit an elderly parent or grandparent, you took a test at home that told you whether you had the virus. It could help ensure the people you care about don’t get sick. Public health experts are clear: rapid testing is one important tool in our toolbox against COVID-19. It can help us keep ourselves, our co-workers, and our loved ones safe while the pandemic is ongoing. [3]

The BC government has made half-hearted commitments and excuses about protecting the public against the new variant. [4] But with the holiday season approaching, free and universally accessible rapid testing is needed now—not just in the new year—so people can make safe decisions before spending time with their loved ones.



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