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To: The Ontario Government

Ford Government Eroding Social Justice

Ford Government Eroding Social Justice

Leave the Ontario Proceedings Against the Crown Act alone!

Why is this important?

The government of Ontario oversees many social justice agencies in Ontario including the Human Rights Tribunal and the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. If the government seeks to distance and shield itself from legal liability where it's actions are concerned, what recourse will residents of Ontario have in response to damages caused by the government? How might changes to the Act influence the efficacy of other social justice agencies operated by the province?


Reasons for signing

  • Jaspreet Bhullar
  • The government needs to be held to account. They seem to be preparing to clear the way to trample our rights.
  • I have signed this petition because I am gravely concerned about the sweeping changes that the Ford government is making to provincial laws aimed at limiting the voice of the people of Ontario and their access to legal avenues of restitution and justice.


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