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To: First Capital Realty

First Capital: Stop renting to homophobic Chick-fil-A

First Capital: Stop renting to homophobic Chick-fil-A

It's Pride Month and First Capital Realty added a rainbow to their logo.
This, despite allowing Chick-fil-A, the notorious homophobic restaurant franchise, to open a location a stone's throw away from Toronto's LGBTQ2S Village at 1 Bloor Street.

Given Chick-fil-A's long history of hostility towards the LGBTQ2S community, and the Village's recent financial struggles due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of in-person Pride events, First Capital should no longer rent to Chick-fil-A.

There's no room for hate in our city.

Why is this important?

In most Toronto neighbourhoods, my partner and I feel safe walking hand in hand. This is our home and we feel comfortable living our lives openly and freely.

But, knowing Chick-fil-A's long history of donating to homophobic and racist organizations and politicians, we DO NOT feel safe walking by the location at the intersection of Bloor and Yonge. This restaurant is so close to the Village, it's on the Pride Parade route! We need to send a clear message that this is not okay.

First Capital - you can drape yourself in the rainbow flag, but it means nothing if you continue to rent to a company hostile to our community's existence.



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