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To: Federal, Provincial and Municipal government

Family member caregiving support

To offer financial support and benefit to caregiving family members who dedicated their life to assist a disable or senior parent needing full-time caregiving assistance and personal assistance at home. This will benefit the government by reducing the load on senior homes and the staffs and saving them money in the long run. Also, during the pandemic, we saw the issues with senior homes and the covid and the family members unable to visit their elderly parent and many elderlies died in isolation and the grief it caused their family. Issues like these and others will be solved to an extend with a caregiver program for willing caregiving family members.

Why is this important?

Right now, there is no program like it available and a full-time caregiver like me do not get any financial support for taking care of a disabled senior parent. Turning to Ontario Work for a little bit of support is only temporary as OW is not for caregivers. Some nations like Australia and Europe offer similar programs for caregivers, then why not Canada or Provinces or Municipals.



2023-01-15 01:10:31 -0500

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