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To: All Canadian Governments

Fair Canadian Pension Plan For All Canadians

Why is nothing is being said about elderly people over the age of 60 that were forced to retire early because of sickness or operation "I had a growth inside my chest and to remove it they had to operate. They removed 1/3 of lung and they shaved a bit off my heart "I do not smoke" and I was unable to continue working and unable to collect sick benefits because doctor figured at 61 there is no reason I should not be able to continue working. Six months later I ran into cardiovascular issues with my heart and blood pressure. My wife has "COPD" that she has had for a long time at 61 can't work. We collect CPP and can't afford to live. I receive just over $400.00 and she receives $208.00 our rent is $683.00 a month. You can do the math . We worked hard all our lives and now can't afford to live. Our saving are gone and have no benefits of any kind. We are unseen by our Government and will get no help .

Why is this important?

We are over the age of 60 and were forced our of the work force because of health reason. They offer help to those that have just lost their jobs for 15 weeks how ever we are left behind. Now with Covid-19 we can't even go look for part time work. I believe we are not alone with this short fall in CPP. We are unseen by our Government and will get no help .


2023-01-17 01:23:22 -0500

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