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To: David Lametti

End Violence Against Children in Canada

Canada needs to protect children from violent discipline. The World Health Organization is calling on Canada to Repeal Section 43 of the Criminal Code. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission Call to Action 6 is to Repeal Section 43.

Parents are under tremendous stress and this is falling onto children. The pandemic has increased incidence of child maltreatment. The laws are too grey and child protection work is beyond difficult due to Canada’s archaic view that children are chattels.

Canada is a pathfinder country and has signed onto the Convention of the Rights of the Child. Yet, Canada is NOT one of the countries in the world that has banned corporal punishment of children.

ALL Canadians including animals have legal protection from violence, all except children.


Why is this important?

Children are being hit, smacked, kicked and pinched by their parents everyday in Canada.

In other countries that have banned corporal punishment, new support became available for all parents to learn more safe and effective ways to discipline. In Canada, we wait until it is too late to support parents who are at risk of abusing children. We wait until children are struggling from trauma to support them. Canada is not proactive. We are failing families.




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