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To: University of Ottawa Administration and Housing Services

End Student Evictions at UOttawa Residences Now!

End Student Evictions at UOttawa Residences Now!

We, the undersigned demand that Housing Services at the University of Ottawa immediately retract the residence housing eviction and allow all student residents to remain in residences if they choose.

Why is this important?

The University of Ottawa has given non-international students less than five days notice to move out, pack their things and leave campus as a result of the ongoing pandemic around COVID-19.

In her address to students, UOttawa Provost and VP Academic Affairs, Jill Scott says that the University is doing this "to protect our students, and the most vulnerable members of the Ottawa community from the risk of COVID-19 infection." What she fails to acknowledge is that those most vulnerable will most likely be those who are unable to find shelter on such short notice or enough money to buy food or store and move their things. Not all students have the luxury of having someone like a relative whose residence they can stay at or who can help them move on such short notice. Further, the University has been facing a mental health crisis recently; resulting in several student deaths on campus, this will only serve to increase the stress facing many of those with mental health issues.

We are asking the University to follow the example of multiple jurisdictions like France, the province of Ontario and even President Donald Trump who have all halted evictions for the unforeseeable future due to the virus because of the risk it would cause to these residents once out on the street. Students should not be treated as different from other tenants, they deserve an eviction freeze too.


Reasons for signing

  • Kicking students out of residence, especially when some have no place to go, is only making students more vulnerable. uOttawa is showing how much they actually care about students right now. Shame!
  • This is absolutely terrible. Not only is kicking students out putting them in precarious living situations, but is also forcing more people to travel during a time when everyone should stay at home. SHAME.
  • Students have paid until the end of the term. Unless the school is giving refunds for the last few weeks this shouldn’t be legal. That’s not even getting into the ethical issue of forcing students to leave in the middle of a city wide isolation.


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