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To: The Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Doug Ford: Use the Comprehensive 2015 Sex Ed Curriculum

Reverse the repeal on Ontario’s scientific, inclusive and consent-based sexual education curriculum.

Why is this important?

Premier Doug Ford promised to repeal Ontario’s comprehensive Health and Physical Education, aka Sex-Ed, curriculum. As one of his first acts as Premier, along with Minister of Education Lisa Thompson, they decided to jeopardize the health and safety of youth across our province by reverting to the severely out-dated, 20-year old, 1998 curriculum. [1]

The 2015 curriculum was designed and written by experts in child development, internet safety, police, and social workers, in consultation with roughly 4,000 parents. [2] It emphasizes much-needed lessons of consent, acceptance for others and sexual health. [3]

In the age of Me Too, we can’t afford to stop teaching kids about consent and acceptance. Youth deserve scientific facts and unbiased information when it comes to their health. It’s simple: society will suffer if we don’t educate children in these topics.

Opponents of the curriculum make up a small but vocal minority, come from the far-right and helped get Ford elected. [4] But despite what they argue, evidence from the UN shows that access to comprehensive sex-ed does not increase sexual activity. [5] It leads to well-informed decisions and reduces the risk of harmful sexual behaviour.

The 2015 Health and Physical Education curriculum went far beyond providing age-appropriate information about sexual and reproductive health. It taught personal safety, healthy relationships based on mutual respect and consent, and was inclusive of all children and youth who call Ontario home.

Not to mention, Ontario's youth have been very vocal in their need for comprehensive education about their sexual and reproductive health and desire to return back to the 2015 Sex-Ed curriculum. [6] This is accompanied by the support of numerous school boards and teachers' unions across the province who have denounced the government's decision to return to a 20-year old curriculum. [7]

Premier Doug Ford may have won a majority government, but we cannot let him drag Ontario backwards. As the so-called "government for the people", we will not let him, Minister Lisa Thompson and the members of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario who support the curriculum reversal silence the thousands of students, parents, teachers and other concerned citizens who want and know that this education needs to stay in place.

Let's show Premier Doug Ford, Minister Lisa Thompson and the Legislative Assembly of Ontario that the people of Ontario want to #SaveSexEd. If enough of us sign this petition defending the 2015 Sex-Ed curriculum, they could put it back in place.

Will you add your name to stand up for the health and safety of all children and youth in Ontario?











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