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To: Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario

Doug Ford: Allow School Boards To Protect Their Kids

Premier Ford: with COVID rates already near peak levels and further surges anticipated in the fall, it's time to return choice to school boards in allowing COVID protections

Why is this important?

Earlier this year, Premier Ford prematurely ended universal mask protections in Ontario. The result has been a catastrophe - an overburdened healthcare system, thousands of COVID hospitalizations, an increasing toll on the economy. [1,2]

When school boards resisted the move, Ford stripped them of the ability to set their own COVID policies and forced them to end mask protections - needlessly infecting more kids. [3]

Now, with cases still high and a fall surge looming - and in the total absence of any effective government response - school boards must be equipped to take care of their students.

Doug Ford must lift the prohibition on school boards setting their own COVID policies, and allow them to reinstate masking and other protections for themselves based on conditions locally.


[1] CTV: "The COVID-19 pandemic continues, and it contributes to Ontario’s growing number of health system crises,"

[2] CIBC: "Dropping mask mandates may actually be working to prolong COVID's economic costs"

[3] CTV:

Ontario, Canada

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