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To: City Councillors and Mayors

Doors open for the Homeless

Open community centres to the homeless to seek refuge from the cold, have a shower, wash and dry their clothes. There are community centres with room to spare overnight. There are showering facilities available overnight and during slow points during the day. Why are these amenities not available to our most vulnerable neighbours? A washer and dryer would be a small cost to a community centre for the use of those who have no access to these basic human needs. Make community centres accessible and meaningful again. Open the doors to keep people alive in the winter

Why is this important?

People die in the street when shelters are full. The homeless who have dogs often have no place to go because they will not abandon their best friend. Many shelters will not accept animals. It is cruelly cold outside. We need to do better for our citizens, and their furry companions. There is room at night in community centres. Why are they locked against those members of the community who are down on their luck? They are human beings. And their animal companions are part of their humanity. Make community space truly for the community, including those who need a hand up.



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