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To: Mayor John Tory

Don't give Toronto Police more money

Don't give Toronto Police more money

Mayor Tory: Don't give a single cent more to Toronto Police. Invest the money in communities instead.

Why is this important?

The numbers are staggering.

A new report by the Toronto Police has confirmed what Black people have been saying for decades: the police disproportionately use force on Black people. Systemic racism in policing is undeniable. [1]

We’ve seen this cycle before: the police are accused of racism and then they use that to demand more taxpayer money for new policies and reform. But decades of expensive police reform in Canada and around the world have shown that more training, body cameras, and surveillance tech doesn’t work — racism in policing is deeply ingrained on a systemic level. [2]

We cannot allow the Toronto Police to get even more money after this latest report proves the deeply-entrenched systemic racism in their department. If thousands of us email the mayor while this report is hot off the press, it could be enough pressure to force him to rethink the policing budget. Enter your details to send an email urging Mayor Tory to not give the police more money.



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