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To: Premier Jason Kenney and Health Minister Tyler Shandro

Don't cut healthcare during a pandemic

The UCP government is decimating Alberta's public health system and cutting 11,000 jobs in healthcare. We're calling on them to reverse the cuts, stop the privatization of healthcare and invest in a strong and resilient healthcare system.

Why is this important?

Jason Kenney and Minister Shandro made big promises to protect healthcare and they’re trying to cover their tracks by saying that this won’t affect frontline nurses and doctors providing healthcare to Albertans. But we know that there are real world effects of these cuts. These cuts would result in thousands of low-income support staff out of a job, reduced compensation for nurses, increased costs for seniors needing continuing care and less support for rural communities.

Part of the UCP's election platform was a promise to maintain or increase healthcare spending — not slash budgets to smithereens. Now they're going back on their word. If we can blow up their broken promises and shine a light on the real world consequences of their cuts we could convince them to reverse their decision. Add your name now.



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