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To: Brad Lamb, Brad Lamb Realty

Demand shelter for Brad Lamb's evicted tenants

Provide housing for at least three months for everyone evicted due to Lamb's unsafe units.

Why is this important?

CBC reports that 9 Toronto residents have been kicked out of their homes with just 24 hours notice, after learning that the units had been illegally built in unsafe conditions - which almost led to death by carbon monoxide poisoning for several tenants.

The landlord, Brad Lamb, is reported to have installed ineffective monoxide detectors that would, according to firefighters, have failed to protect the residents.

With those tenants out on the street in the midst of the pandemic through no fault of their own, it's up to Brad Lamb to fix the situation he created.

Lamb runs Toronto's top condo and loft brokerage. A search of his website reveals hundreds of available properties. He has the means to offer shelter to the people whose lives he almost destroyed and who he has evicted overnight.

Send Brad's company an email demanding that they make some of their open units available to the evicted tenants immediately and for at least three months to give them time to find a new place.

CBC article:

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