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To: Vancouver City Council and Vancouver Parks Board

Create a dedicated year round facility for inclusive wheeled sports in Vancouver! #nowheretorollyvr

Create a dedicated year round facility for inclusive wheeled sports in Vancouver!  #nowheretorollyvr

We are calling on the Vancouver Parks Board and City of Vancouver to develop a year round, dedicated rollerskate facility to improve access to sport for girls and LGBTQ/2T youth in Vancouver. This venue will benefit all inclusive wheeled sports that lack access to facilities to play.

Why is this important?

- Rollerskate sports are a female-dominated area of sport known for body-positive, gender-inclusive, and LGBTQ/2S-friendly culture.
- A rollersport facility will support underserved youth in sport in Vancouver, including girls and non-binary youth. There are not many sports where youth can fit in without having to identify to a specific gender, and women and girls are traditionally a lower priority for public sports facilities.
- Rollerskate sports are a growing community that generate economic revenue for Vancouver through businesses, events and tourism.

Vancouver Junior Roller Derby has been working hard to find a reliable location that serves the needs of our growing community, but due to the priority of other sports and programs, we can’t find an appropriate and receptive year-round space for kids to play the sport they love in Vancouver.

City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Parks Board can recognize the positive impact of this growing, inclusive youth sport and help all roller sports thrive by providing an adequate, year-round, permanent space!



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