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To: Victoria City Councillor Geoff Young

Councillor Young: Apologize or Resign for Racist Comments

Dear Councillor Young,

Your recent racist comments denying that Residential Schools were an act of genocide demonstrate that you are currently unfit to hold a position of power and political sway. It is clear that you are lacking an anti-oppressive analysis and need further education and training in order to represent your constituents.

At the very minimum, it is vital that you publicly recognize and apologize for the harm caused when you used a City Council meeting as a platform for your racist views. This apology should be paired with anti-oppressive training in order to prevent future harm. If you are not willing or able to take responsibility, you must resign. It is unacceptable for a City Councillor to continue Canada's history of racism and genocide towards Indigenous Peoples.

Why is this important?

Our communities have recently been rocked by the discovery of the bodies of 215 children at the Kamloops Residential Schools on Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc territories. The MMIWG Inquiry and TRC have both found that the legacy of Residential Schools across what is now known as Canada constitutes genocide.

We need our political leaders to push us towards Reconciliation and Decolonization, not cast doubt on the harm caused by colonization.

Source: Jimmy Thomson, Managing Editor at Capital Daily,



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