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To: Justin Trudeau, Kirsty Duncan

Compensate MK ULTRA victims

Campaign created by
Chris Sullivan

Dear Justin Trudeau,

The victims' families (now that the victims are 57 years older, and many are dead) from the MK-ULTRA program run by the US CIA with funding from the Canadian Government, need an apology, and compensation.

Why is this important?

This is a shameful part of Canadian History, that should be taught in elementary and high school. All Canadians were victimized. The cover-up is disgusting. Many of the victims were mothers of small children, with false diagnoses of post-partum depression. Lives were destroyed, and this Country lost a lot of its citizens' lives. They may as well have been lost in a war. They gave a lot, and for what? So the CIA could write a torture manual, and learn how to wash brains.

Read the McGill Daily:

A close friend had her family destroyed by the CIA when she was 4.



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