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To: Doug Ford and Ontario MPP's

Close the Malls and Big Box Stores in Ontario

Dear Premier Ford and Ontario Members of Provincial Parliament,
Please take the necessary steps to close Big Box stores and Malls immediately. Delays and failure to act may leave you responsible for the deaths of an increasing number of people in Ontario.

Why is this important?

The Premier constantly insists that his decisions are based on the recommendations of qualified doctors and on science. Across the board doctors have indicated that the current lock-down measures are inadequate. More people are becoming infected, Intensive Care Units are overwhelmed and people are dying. Whole families are being infected, are sent off to different communities as local hospitals cannot cope and many are dying alone.
When Malls and Big Box stores are open and filled with shoppers, this risks not only the shoppers who have chosen not to stay home but also the staff who are exposed to significant risk if they hope to keep a job and income.
We hear over and over a "stay at home" message but how does that make sense when we encourage lineups and shopping? It is time to stop this virus before there are more mutations, including some that may be vaccine resistant.



2021-04-07 19:32:34 -0400

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