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To: Justin Trudeaux and Doug Ford

Close International Air Ports In Canada

How many of you are tired of the Government not doing a proper lock down and allowing 35,000 people in and out of our Country putting us all at risk for the new variants and allowing there to be a pandemic within a pandemic. Let`s tell Justin Trudeaux and Doug Ford to shut down the Air Ports immediately.

If Australia can manage to get their numbers under control by closing their Air Ports and doing a lock down then we have a chance of getting our numbers down.

If we don`t close the air ports and have 35,000 people coming in and out of the country. Well we have seen what can happen.

Why is this important?

Covid 19 will eventually stop spreading. As seen in Australia. Australia has minimal cases.
This is important because it will save lives as well and allow us to get back to life.
It will prevent variants from coming into Canada and allow us time to Eliminate the Present Pandemic.



2021-04-20 19:30:46 -0400

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