To: Ontario Provincial Government

Change the way WSIB treats injuries Workers

Routinely injuried workers are denied coverage through a series of bureaucratic impasses that are designed to discourage an injuried worker to seek legislated care. The strategy of reviews, claims often at the recommdations of a WSIB hired Medical Practictionare who has not examined the injuried worker or is a Doctor outside the specialized scope of the injury, this routine of denial is counter claimed buy the injuried worker which is lengthy and often leaves the worker void of any means of income., or medical aids. Further to the indignity of the treatment by WSIB to injuried workers on the initial aspect of the claim, it is evident that often an injuried worker is threatened, intimidated, brow beaten into returning to work for fear of ceasing compensation payment. Sadly, workers facing this entrenched intimidation method are subject to unwarranted stress both physically and mentally. WSIB has got to become more accountable in the ability of injuried workers exceeding their right to seek civil action for any and all "dirty tricks of the WSIB Trade" and make WSIB accountable to the workers and not the system of the industry of insuring workers. It is my firm belief that the prognosis and treatment plan of a family physician of the injuried worker be paramount to any decision for the rights of all workers hurt on the job.

Why is this important?

If you ask any injuried worker in Ontario you will rarely find any positive experience when dealing with the body that is seemingly I acted to protect the rights of any and all injuried worker. Accounts of extreme such as suicide after a claiment is unable to return to work which is threaten with the heartless decision to "cut off" despite the injury is life long or life threatening. This is an institution that is essential to protecting our sons' and daughters', the family bread winner who has the responsibility to house, feed and cloth their children, yet it's an institution that has enclosed a wall of protectionism that has left many injuried workers out in the cold