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To: Mayor Tory, Toronto City Council

Cancel the Wildlife Feeding Ban in Toronto

We are asking that the wildlife feeding ban set to go into place in April of 2023 be cancelled. While there are some good reasons not to feed non urban wildlife, there aren't any good reasons for a urban wildlife feeding bans.

Feeding wildlife is a harmless activity many find positive and healing. It is not the cause of rats or why coyotes are more often seen in the GTA. You can blame garbage on the streets and improperly disposed of trash and land development for those issues. As for overpopulation issues, I have lived in Toronto for many years and never have thought there were too many pigeons, squirrels or other wildlife. It"s quite the opposite and spotting wildlife is always a delight to many people.

Pigeons are beneficial, feral, not wild, and many love them. Squirrels, like pigeons, keep our parks and streets clean of human food and bring happiness to urban dwellers. Feeding them is one of the few ways to interact with nature in the city. We as a kind, decent species need to learn to coexist with wildlife instead of giving in to those who hate them.

It is good to remember these are fellow citizens of our cities, with rights and that a city without them would be less great and pleasant a place to live.

This bylaw is also overreaching, barring homeowners from doing what they want on their own property. They pay taxes and should be able to do as they please instead of having to fear their neighbours reporting them.

The people who regularly feed them are kind, caring and won't in good conscience stop. So you'll be exposing peaceful, kind people to hefty fines many won't be able to afford to pay, harrassment or worse from pigeon and squirrel haters ( they do exist). As for enforcement, is this really what the city wants to spend its money on?

In light of this, I am urging you to cancel this unnecessary ban and let people enjoy the wonder and happiness of feeding urban wildlife.

Why is this important?

How we treat wildlife, all animals matters. Going forward, we should learn to respect wildlife, let them be and help them if so inclined. This has never been an issue before and really should not be one now.

Feeding wildlife is harmless and there is no reason that supports banning it, and many that support not banning it.

This bylaw also discriminates against the low income, marginalized and those with disability who find peace and pleasure in feeding wildlife. They can't afford much in life, why take this simple pleasure from them?


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