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To: Prime Minister Trudeau, Foreign Minister Joly, Minister for Export Promotion and International Trade Mary Ng, Jagmeet Singh, MP Heather McPherson

Canada - stop the genocide in Gaza!

We commend the government for heeding the calls from Canadians to support a ceasefire in Gaza and for committing to restore aid to UNRWA. However we are concerned that Canada continues to supply Israel with weapons at record-high levels. Whether through direct military exports to Israel or indirect exports of weapons components for fighter jets, Canada is enabling this genocide. We understand the government has passed a motion calling for a halt to arms exports but that doesn't actually mean that exports have stopped. Israel continues to attack civilians. Israel is failing to facilitate aid deliveries as is required by the International Court of Justice ruling. Israel has said it will not permit aid deliveries by UNRWA, the most effective agency for getting the needed aid to the people.

Canada must take these additional actions:
1) Ensure that weapons shipments to Israel are halted immediately. This must include ending the ”transfer” of weapons and components already ordered as well as any reaching Israel from Canada via the US.
2) join the case at the International Court of Justice brought by S. Africa, and now supported by Ireland, against genocide;
3) initiate a further meeting of the Security Council, aiming to pass a resolution which would set effective sanctions on Israel

The time to stop a genocide is while you still can. It is urgent to act now as the death toll in Gaza is rapidly increasing every single day; Palestinians are being killed with weapons and by intentional starvation. How many more innocent civilians must die before Canada does everything we can?


Why is this important?

Israel is not complying with the orders of the International Court of Justice to stop engaging in genocidal acts - so Canada must take action. Please sign our petition to government leaders to put pressure on Israel to stop the killing, to join a ceasefire, and to permit aid to flow freely into Gaza. The killing, and death by starvation, needs to stop.

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