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To: British Columbia Minister of Transportation Claire Trevena, Federal Minister of Transport Marc Garneau

Buses for British Columbia: Replace the Greyhound!

We call on the Provincial and Federal governments to work together to replace the Greyhound bus service in British Columbia and ensure that communities impacted by the cuts have access to safe, accessible and affordable transportation options.

Why is this important?

British Columbia is on the brink of a transportation crisis. Yesterday, Greyhound announced that they are cancelling all but one of their bus routes in the province. [1]

The end of this vital bus service will leave many people without transportation options -- particularly those living in more rural communities where public transportation is inadequate or non-existent, and those who don’t have access to their own vehicle to get around.

We need to make sure that there’s a plan in place before the Greyhound service ends, so that the people who rely on their services aren’t left stranded.

The BC government has already taken some steps to replace Greyhound services that were cut earlier this year, including introducing a pilot project to replace the long distance bus service along the Highway of Tears. Bus service along Highway 16 was a key recommendation of the Highway of Tears Symposium in 2006 -- and Indigenous groups and communities along the highway have been advocating for improved transportation on the route for years.

Now, dozens more Greyhound bus routes across the province are in jeopardy. We need to turn up the pressure on our governments to take action, and ensure that communities impacted by Greyhound’s cuts continue to have access to transportation. Sign the petition now, and call on BC's Minister of Transportation Claire Trevena and the federal Minister of Transport Marc Garneau to replace the Greyhound service in British Columbia.

British Columbia

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