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To: BC Provincial Government and Municipal Governments

Build Accessible Low-cost Housing

Please build accessible, affordable housing in every city in BC that has a low vacancy rate. On the Accessible Housing BC registry (sponsored by Spinal Cord Injury BC) on January 30, 2017 there were only 5 accessible vacancies in the whole of BC, none of which were outside the Lower Mainland.

Why is this important?

A single person on Persons with Disabilities Allowance in BC is paid $983.42. Considering that the cheapest studio or one bedroom apartment is at least $800 to $900 per month, this leaves no money to live on. In addition, if someone has special needs, like wheelchair accessibility, this limits the housing market even more.

My niece has a spinal cord injury and cannot work, She has no other resources besides her PWD Allowance. She has been sharing with a friend who has been covering additional costs but her friend is now getting married and my niece has been given notice. She is desperate to find someplace to live that can accommodate her needs.



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