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To: PM Trudeau and Cabinet:

Brenda Lucki Must Go

Fire Brenda Lucki from her post immediately.

Why is this important?

As head of the RCMP in Canada Commissioner Brenda Lucki is responsible for the RCMP's failure to act while commercial fishers terrorized Mi'kmaw lobster fishers in Nova Scotia last week.

Commissioner Lucki does not grasp the magnitude of the problems with the enforcement of law and protection of the Mi’kmaq and earlier this year denied the existence of racism and discrimination in the RCMP.

We need a new Commissioner and a meaningful process for implementing the Mi’kmaq Treaty rights now.

The RCMP in Canada is a racist hangover from the European conquest of these lands, literally designed to oppress Indigenous populations. It does not belong in a country that says it is committed not just to Truth and Reconciliation, but addressing racial bias in policing. Dismissing Commissioner Lucki is just a first step, but a necessary one.




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