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To: Minister of Education-Honourable Jennifer Whiteside

Black History in BC schools curriculum

My friend Markiel Simpson met with Jennifer Whiteside last week. Things are moving in the right direction.

I created this petition in Feb 2019, as I would like to see African Descent History a part of the B.C curriculum in schools. I am an ally that wants to see change in our schools. Black History is Canada's history.

Many schools in B.C do not even acknowledge Black History Month. Last year I started researching this, and could not find anything on the celebration on Black History month on any B.C school district websites. After the Vancouver Star article came out the Vancouver School board added a message about Black History. In December 1995, the House of Commons officially recognized February as Black History Month. Last year the province of British Columbia officially recognized February as Black History Month. So why is there no recognition in our schools?

In Ontario, it is apart of the curriculum and Ontario does acknowledge Black History Month in schools. British Columbia Teachers' Federation has resources listed only. Which means it is up to the teachers' discretion to talk about it.

Media articles about this and why I started the petition last year:
Vancouver Star article:

CBC Radio

Recent articles:

Valerie Jerome interview 2021:

A few of Markiel Simpson's interview here:

Yasin Kiraga Misago interview here:

Why is this important?

We are asking everyone to please sign this petition and ask the Minister of Education to put this on the agenda for change. All students should see themselves and their families reflected in the curriculum. We need to begin with our children, we must teach them how our province has been changed for the better through the efforts of black British Columbians and this must be celebrated in our schools. The majority of racism begins in our schools. As an ally, I do not want my children to experience only white history as I did. White supremacy must end and our silence is complacency.

Please consider writing a personal letter to:
Education Minister:
Minister Jennifer Whiteside:
[email protected]

In your letter also include asking for data. To end anti-black racism in our schools we need more quality data. Data will help us to understand the challenges that both students and educators face. Read more here: Click here to send a letter to Minister Fleming demanding anti-black racism be implemented in our schools: here:

Also, contact your Superintendent or the Trustees in your school district and send them a letter asking them to write the Minister of Education advocating for change.

Support the work of African Descent Society BC. Please contact Yasin Kiraga Misago Founder and Executive Director of African Descent Society [email protected].

Get involved with the BCCA is a community based organization dedicated to combating the structural inequities created by anti-black racism.

Thank you,

Karina Reid

How it will be delivered

I will email the signatures to the Minister of Education, Jennifer Whiteside



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Today my friend Valerie Jerome was interviewed. Please keep writing letters and advocating for change!

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