To: Councillor Joy McGregor

Albertan Councillor McGregor: Publicly apologize for saying we should “stop feeding” unhoused people

Publicly apologize for your cruel and harmful comments about unhoused people

Why is this important?

In comments captured on video Joy McGregor, a local councillor in the Alberta town of Slave Lake, made cruel and harmful comments about the town’s unhoused community. McGregor was recorded saying, “We need to stop being so nice to them. We need to stop feeding them. We need to stop doing all these wonderful things.” [1,2]

Councillor McGregor also named a number of local Indigenous communities, who she accused of being unhoused in Slave Lake. Driftpile Cree Nation has responded by calling for a boycott of the town until Councillor McGregor publicly apologizes for her comments. [3]

We can't stand for racism and hateful attacks on unhoused people from public officials. A huge petition calling for Councillor McGregor to apologize could be the tipping point that forces to walk back her disgusting statements and make a public apology.

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