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To: MP Brad Trost

Add your name: MP Brad Trost - don't go on racist The Rebel

Add your name: MP Brad Trost - don't go on racist The Rebel

Cancel your appearance on racist hate site The Rebel.

Why is this important?

Brad Trost, the Conservative MP from Saskatoon - University, is slotted to appear on racist hate site The Rebel this Saturday. [1]

MP Trost is an elected official and has no business promoting hate. We can't allow any major political party in Canada to legitimize The Rebel’s xenophobic, islamophobic, racist anti-Semitic and all-around hateful content. We've seen how this can sow the seeds of white supremacy, extremism and violence. [2]

We all have an obligation to stand against this. Last Friday, thousands protested the Munk Debate with Steve Bannon. Now we have to stand up again.

If enough of us speak out, it could scare Mr. Trost into backing down. Will you add your name to demand Conservative MP Brad Trost cancel his Saturday appearance on The Rebel?



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