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To: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Action needed to resolve the drug crisis in Canada

Canada is in the midst of a critical shortage of crucial medications. Most of us are aware of the shortage of children's anti-inflammatories, but the shortage doesn't end there. Diabetes medications and drugs that treat neurological disorders are also in short supply.
Canada's government is responsible for ensuring that all Canadians have access to the important drugs they need. Currently, Canada doesn't manufacture the drugs which are in short supply. If we can't depend on the countries that do the manufacturing for us, Canada needs to consider manufacturing drugs in-house.

Why is this important?

Some of the drugs currently in short supply are crucial for maintaining the health of Canadians. Parents who have searched pharmacy aisles unsuccessfully for medication to bring down their child's fever know how serious this situation is.
One of the drugs I use to control my moderately severe case of restless legs, ropinirole, can't be obtained in Canada now. My doctor has prescribed a similar drug, pramipexole, which most Canadians on ropinirole will now be taking. How long will it take before there's a short supply of this drug too? This drug is also used to decrease the symptoms of Parkinson Disease. These drugs are needed not only for quality of life, but are essential in ensuring I and many others can sleep at night. It doesn't take many days without sleep before people become psychotic and then die.
Prime Minister Trudeau has likened the drug shortages to a shortage of oranges, clearly having no understanding of the seriousness of the situation.
This shortage is turning Canada into a third world country. It's critical that Canada do something about it!



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