Migrant Rights Network

The Migrant Rights Network is a cross-Canada alliance to combat racism and fight for migrant justice. We are a network of organizations of migrants including farmworkers, careworkers, international students, undocumented people as well as allies.

We believe that racial justice is migrant justice is economic justice is climate justice is global justice. This is our platform for a more just world:

  • Status for All: Permanent resident status and family unity for all migrants and refugees here, and landed status on arrival for those that arrive in the future. No detentions, no deportations! Read in full here.
  • Decent Work: $20 minimum wage, full labour rights and no employer specific or time limited work permits, as well as democratic control over work.
  • Universal Services: Full access to quality public services including healthcare, education, income security, childcare settlement services, pensions, and more for all residents.
  • Justice for All: Indigenous self-determination, gender justice, and an end to racism, particularly anti-Black racism and Islamophobia, and specific policies to end social oppression.
  • No Displacement: An end to practices that force people to migrate including climate change, wars, corporate impunity and economic exploitation.