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To: Minister of Fisheries Bernadette Jordan

Urge Fisheries Minister Jordan to stand strong on her decision.

“Federal Fisheries Minister announces phase out of Discovery Islands fish farms” National Observer: Dec 17, 2020.

Why is this important?

Over 100 polluting, pathogen-spreading Atlantic salmon farms have been situated along wild Pacific salmon migratory waters for over three decades.

Since the arrival of these salmon farms, wild salmon returns have declined precipitously to near extinction levels. The 2019 and 2020 Fraser River sockeye runs have been the lowest in 100 years of counting, a mere few hundred thousand.

Every spring, B.C.’s young wild salmon migrate north out of numerous coastal rivers to reach North Pacific waters. Their route takes them through hundreds of kilometers of narrow waterways between Vancouver Island and the BC mainland. Swimming past the Discovery Islands farms, they become infected with lice, PRV (Piscine orthoreovirus), and mouth rot (Tenacibaculum maritimum) - all life-threatening.

Mowi (Norwegian), the world’s largest salmon farmer and the largest in BC, took the Minister to Court over her courageous December 2020 decision to prohibit the transfer of any new fish into the 19 Discovery Islands farms before they are to be closed in 2022. The Court supported Mowi’s case for an injunction to continue restocking their farms.

Minister Jordan can still deny the permits for any new fish transfers. She needs to hear from Canadians across the country that she has public support to protect our wild salmon.

Send your letter to Minister Jordan to stand up for wild Pacific salmon and not allow any restocking of the Discovery Islands salmon farms.


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