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To: Doug Ford

Stop the Elimination of Full Day Kindergarten in Ontario

Stop the Elimination of Full Day Kindergarten in Ontario

Full day kindergarten is good for Ontario families, for the people of Ontario!

Ontario’s government for the people should consider maintaining this effective and successful program which has become a critical support for many families across Ontario.

The Ministry of Education's own research shows that full-day kindergarten helps language and cognitive development, and means kids are more likely to achieve academic success in Grade 1. Why would we take a step backwards?

How are working parents supposed to manage the logistics of a 2.5 hour school day?

Why is this important?

Some of the ways full day kindergarten is helping the people of Ontario include:

1. It offers an option for all classes of families to leave their kids in a safe, stimulating and educational environment for the majority of the day, allowing both parents to work full time.

2. It provides a curriculum and high standard of learning for the children in the early years, making them ready for grade school and the ever changing labour market demands of the future. It’s been shown early and often exposure to literacy, science, math and technology helps with overall individual development and will lead to more employable and emotionally intelligent individuals in the future

3. Investing in the early years is proven to better student performance in Grade 1 and beyond. Full day kindergarten ensures a workforce of the future that is adequately equipped to be competitive internationally.

4. With full day kindergarten, families in small, rural, and northern Ontario communities have the option of going to work, instead of staying home because spots in Daycares of any kind (e.g. home, centre) are very limited.

5. The lack of availability of day care spots remains a huge barrier to women re-entering the workforce after having children, and even if a spot is secured the rising monthly cost is crippling. Full day kindergarten provides the option for many to re-enter the job market who have been home for the first 4 years of the child’s life’s due to lack of affordable child care options.

As Ontario’s government for the people, consider the many socio-economic benefits to continuing to invest in full day kindergarten, as this is an investment in the current workforce of Ontario, giving as many parents as possible the opportunity to work full-time without the worry of child care past 4 years of age. It will also equip the future workforce of Ontario with adequate skills to compete in a global economy.

How it will be delivered

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Reasons for signing

  • It's so important for our children to recieve full day kindergarten. Their brains are at the perfect stage for soaking up information and they are so eager to learn!
  • Critical age for learning and development.
  • The reality is that the majority of children now need care after parental leave ends. The earlier they can be in an environment where teachers can begin teaching the better. Daycare is moot the same no matter how good the daycare. This is the future generation, give them a head start!!!


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