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To: London Ontario City Council

Rename Dundas St. and Dundas Place in London Ont.

Rename Dundas St. and Dundas Place in London Ont.

Change street names that have ties to any form of genocide or slavery.

Why is this important?

'Dundas Street' and its successor 'Dundas Place' in London Ontario were both named after Scottish politician Henry Dundas. Dundas was known to be an advocate in hindering the abolition of slavery during his time as a politician in the British Empire. His influence on the propagation of slavery delayed its abolition by 15 years.

Every street sign, map, and individual asking for directions gives power to the history of genocide and continual racism this street name honours. As individuals, we are unable to go back in time and undo the past wrongdoings committed by our society, but we are able to control how we move forward.

Sign this petition and share it with your friends! Although changing a street name is a small step, it is one that points in the direction of tolerance and equity. No step forward is ever too small.

London City Hall, 300 Dufferin Ave, London, ON N6B 1Z2, Canada

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