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To: Government of British Columbia

Protect BC Groundwater from Bottling and Commercial Sale

Protect BC Groundwater from Bottling and Commercial Sale

Stop approval of groundwater licences under the Water Sustainability Act for the bottling and commercial sale or bulk export of groundwater from BC aquifers.

Why is this important?

Water is a necessity of life. The job of the provincial government is to enact laws and govern the province for the good of all its people and not just for the financial gain of a select few individuals or corporations. The government of British Columbia needs to protect and conserve our groundwater aquifers for the benefit of all the people of British Columbia. The government must stop approving groundwater licences for bottling and commercial sale that benefit only a few individuals and corporations, while putting the water security of thousands of other British Columbians at risk. British Columbia just experienced widespread level 4 drought this past summer, impacting residents and farmers who rely on our aquifers, and impacting rivers, streams and fish habitat. In the face of this climate change, and in the face of population growth our groundwater aquifer resources are under increasing pressure and people who rely on those aquifers for their only source of water are concerned about their wells running dry. The government must take firm measures to protect and conserve our groundwater aquifers for the people of British Columbia who they serve now, and for our children and grandchildren in the future. The people of British Columbia must demand that the provincial government of British Columbia take immediate action to stop approving groundwater aquifer licences for bottling and commercial sale and bulk export to ensure all the people of British Columbia have access to good, clean water for our personal needs, to grow our backyard gardens and to supply the farms that grow our food. Water is a precious community owned resource and must be protected for the future. Water is Life.

Reasons for signing

  • It is not right to bottle ground water let alone introduce more plastics into the environment to do so. Drink tapwater. Carry a stainless steel water bottle.
  • Protecting BC's water is vital!
  • Many in our area already have problems with water supply and have to pay extra to get cisterns and tanks filled to supplement what water they have. Why should someone be able to profit when it means that other people have to find money to replace it??? Our risk of forest fires is increasing every year - depleting our water sources puts everyone at an increased risk


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Posted a video challenge to our BC MLAs. Check it out.

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